Saturday, December 18, 2010

Forever Fringe. Forever Young. Forever Fun.

We all know that diamonds are forever, now apparently so are Forever Tina Fringe Boots by Christian Louboutin. I like to call them "handle bar boots."

Forever Tina Fringe boots remind me of my childhood when I loved riding my bike as the only way to get around the neighborhood with a glimmer of independence and style.

Since, I've traded my childhood passion for my big girl fetish (shoes of course). Capable of strolling these city streets on my own two feet, but still young enough to have a little fun while doing it. These boots were made for cruising.

They may set you back a couple pretty pennies but you can pick them up at Bergdorf Goodman for $1,575 (NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY $629).

I mean, even Barbie has a pair, so I know they are a fashionista essential and obviously super FUN!! You can have your own Dolly Forever Barbie too for only $145, she's worth it!

Don't forget to add them to your wish list!!

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