Monday, November 22, 2010

~Lighten the Load~

Legs for Days

You now can make your legs look better in heels ... by walking around without them.
Be more flexible, walk more freely, without the restrictions of lugging around your ordinary stiff shoes. WALKSTREETZ shoes are made by SOLZshoes, which means they are so flexible and light that walking in them allows your foot to move more freely and naturally.
What this does is allow the calf muscles to stretch, thus exercising and elongating them - without making your calves appear bulky or chunky.

Yoga is no longer limited to an hour and a half a day. Walking without restriction is good for your soles and good for your posture. Now you can stretch your way to sexiness all day while you walk.

The results are slimmer, more toned, sexy legs that will ultimately look perfect in heels. It is important that legs look sexy in heels but now walking without them has never looked so good.
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SOLZshoes is currently working on a study with leading doctors and chiropractors to further explain exactly how you can benefit from WALKSTREETZ shoes and make your legs look better than ever. Stay tuned.

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